Mrs. Morgan to be...

Engaged to a US Army Soldier • Lesbian • Fighting Cancer, again. I will survive, again • Feminist • Inspirer • Trying To Conceive Our Rainbow Baby

Got my ring sized finally and cleaned up 😍

Got my ring sized finally and cleaned up 😍

trill-hippy asked: Hey! We follow each other on Instagram! U and ur woman are too cute <33

Thank you :))

I don’t understand how people have time to party, turn up, get fucked up, social network all day, catch case after case, sit at home, and chill with friends all the time …. But won’t get your lazy ass up and get a job. Stop being dependent off others. Get your own money. Your own place. Your own car. You aren’t grown until you are paying bills.



My self respect is not my clothing.

The worst feeling
is when you are desperate
to write something down
to describe your heartbreak
or anger or love
or desire
but you have nothing
to write
because you have nothing
to tell
When you are so empty
you are dying to feel
anything at all.

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the second i caught
the glimpse of your face

i told myself
i have to know you

the moment we kissed
i could feel my blood race

i told myself
i have to love you

You gave me hope, you gave me happiness. You gave me the world in a kiss and the universe with a few short words. There are no more words I can say that haven’t been said. There’s only a feeling; a force that can make mountains move. You have supported me through things no one would stay around for more than a day for. Your love is something I would gladly go to war for. You gave me reason to continue on. I swear you are the only thing that keeps me so strong.