Mrs. Morgan to be...

Engaged to a US Army Soldier • Lesbian • Fighting Cancer, again. I will survive, again • Feminist • Inspirer • Trying To Conceive Our Rainbow Baby

The worst feeling
is when you are desperate
to write something down
to describe your heartbreak
or anger or love
or desire
but you have nothing
to write
because you have nothing
to tell
When you are so empty
you are dying to feel
anything at all.

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the second i caught
the glimpse of your face

i told myself
i have to know you

the moment we kissed
i could feel my blood race

i told myself
i have to love you

You gave me hope, you gave me happiness. You gave me the world in a kiss and the universe with a few short words. There are no more words I can say that haven’t been said. There’s only a feeling; a force that can make mountains move. You have supported me through things no one would stay around for more than a day for. Your love is something I would gladly go to war for. You gave me reason to continue on. I swear you are the only thing that keeps me so strong.

Yes I’m in a long distance relationship. Have been since November. It’s absolutely perfect and I wouldn’t trade it for anything.

I’m too young to get married? I get bashed for it, saying I’m signing my life away too young…But girls out here haven’t even graduated highschool having babies and it’s nothing but congratulations. Backwards as fuck.

She always knows what to say…. When I’m ready to throw in the towel because it’s getting overbearing… She always knows what to say. #UnbreakableBond #ArmyStrongLove #FuckCancer ✊

She always knows what to say…. When I’m ready to throw in the towel because it’s getting overbearing… She always knows what to say. #UnbreakableBond #ArmyStrongLove #FuckCancer ✊

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unidificate asked: My girlfriend is currently in USAF basic training, has been for the past 2 weeks, and it has felt like 2 months. What should I do besides what everyone else is telling me? I have no friends to keep me busy. My girlfriend is my only bestfriend lol. I'm just tired of everyone telling me the same things to get her off of my mind and to keep busy when it just feels impossible. I need some advice.

What I did was stay focused on school. I wrote her 2-3 letters a day just like I was talking to her but didn’t mail them everyday. I texted her phone even though I knew I wouldn’t get a response. I went on their Facebook page ( her company’s) and joined a support group with people from the same company’s and training group she was in. They posted photos on there. (I’m not sure how it works with the Air Force but the army has it) I was in stage 3 cancer at the time so I spent most of my time in my room or at the hospital. When you do get those calls it only last a couple minutes.
I would also ask her what she needed so she wouldn’t have to buy it at the PX or in her case the BX . I would decorate the box like a care package and also send her appropriate photos, cough drops and things she needed. I really didn’t have friends to support me through it. I did however have her family and got very close to them during this time. I also got crafty and made little books for her with decorative paper, got her gifts and made some and counted down to the big day with countdown apps. It will go by fast. My girl is in training for her job and she’s been gone since February, she will be with me in October. But the good part is she gets to talk to me every day. You may not think so but this will be the best part of your relationship with limited to no arguing and appreciating the little time you get to talk to each other. It’s amazing how close it brings yall together…but she will probably tell you people are fraternizing … Don’t let insecurities break you.