Mrs. Morgan to be...

engaged to a soldier. writer. inspirer. psych major.

Only jealous people unfollow me.
Because all I post is about is my fiancé, wedding, and poetry. Occasionally I bless my newsfeed with a selfie.

Meeting you is a life event that shifted
all world tendencies toward you.
There is darkness, and there is light, and yet both converge in your direction.
Your love could unravel all my broken pieces, or mend them back together, and no matter the aftermath, I will stay.
As long as your love is with me.
I have no fucking idea if anything in this world feels right, if anything makes sense.
Except you, you feel right. You make sense.


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But you’ve got me hooked and I’ve got you stuck. Both of us to be honest are a little fucked up. And that’s okay because we know it and we don’t care. We embrace each other’s flaws. Laugh at each other’s weirdness. Accept anything that we both give each other. We hug, kiss, cry, scream, and kiss some more but most importantly we love each other hard. Because that’s what love is isn’t it? To be able to accept the other person whole. Any kink in their body is now your own. Our lows and our highs, our midnight cries. It’s okay- we love it. And I’ve got you hooked and you’ve got me stuck and yes we are just a little fucked up.

I’m such a wreck right now. Falling apart.

I am not ok.
Stop asking me.

Like rainbows with missing colors
And tennis shoes without laces
My world becomes smaller
As my inside erases
Water without liquid
Air without oxygen
I’ve become addicted
To this lovely toxin
Called “you”
No warmth within fire
Lost shades within photographs
Just this hollow desire
And a soul gone in half
A song without sound
A galaxy without stars
A ball that’s not round
A heart that can no longer be found
And a stringless guitar
Yet to think that I can be
More than just myself
As I’ve become weary
When that book died on the shelf
That story of us
Of our future 
When those pages were torn
And left behind thorns
When all that was left
Was theft
Of a twinkling dream..
In a bottomless stream..

I would like to say smart things when I am around you, sentences that will make me appear sympathetic and a pleasure to have around. But I can’t. My head is empty whenever I see you, there is no choice for me to make up nice things because all I can think of is your beautiful mind, your stunning smile, your curly hair, your intelligence, your hopeful view of every little thing, your soft skin, your perfect way of talking, your calming voice, your brown eyes.
Your lips on mine, your heartbeat next to mine, your hands locked into mine, everything you are, inside of me. I want to inhale every little thing you offer me. 
How am I supposed to think of anything else when I am around you?

Another month with the most beautiful, caring, loving, brave, supportive, incredible, perfectly imperfect … But still annoying, woman in the world.

I met a girl that was so perfect. She is so amazing and special that I wanted to be phenomenal for her. I tried to hide all my problems and past mistakes so that she could have the illusion that I was perfect for her as well. Knowing myself well enough to have the knowledge that I could never be as perfect for her as she is for me. I attempted to burry all my issues for you; instead when all seemed perfect, the truth about the real me came out. All hope was lost and I thought you would leave me behind for the mistakes I had made. But somehow… someway… you still fell in love with the person i truly am and accepted me. I will never forget how lucky I am for that.